AUS | WA First State to Mandate Vaccinations for Hotel Staff

Western Australia is the first Australian state to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all hotels, motels and workers at any accommodation facility.

The state government deemed hotel staff critical to the delivery of business and the function of the community. Therefore, they are required to have had their first dose of a TGA-approved vaccine by 31 December 2021 and fully vaccinated by 31 January 2022.

The decision adds to an existing mandate applied to workers at hotels operating as quarantine facilities.

Hotel staff are just one of the dozens of occupations identified as high-risk, interacting with high volumes of people or required to be fully vaccinated to work during a lockdown.

The WA Government said the phased introduction of the mandate aimed to prepare the community for an increase in transmission once borders opened for domestic and international arrivals.

Mark McGowan, WA Premier, said mandating vaccinations for more than half the state's workforce would set a clear and safe framework for industries and workers based on health advice. It would also allow services and businesses to operate safely in the long term.

Australian Hotels Association (WA) chief executive, Bradley Woods, said the state's hospitality workforce was already preparing to ensure venues remain safe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, WA's hospitality industry has done everything to keep businesses open, trading and safe, and vaccinations are a part of this.

He added that feedback had shown the majority of WA's hotel and hospitality workers are either vaccinated, getting vaccinated or intending to get vaccinated.

The WA Government outlined plans to hold a variety of industry discussions to ensure questions are answered, and all stakeholders are clear on what was required.