Funding Applications Now Open!

Thanks to the incredible generosity from supporters donating an amazing range of products and unique experiences, the Hands Up 4 Hospo Auction has been a smashing success.

From signed sports memorabilia and original artwork to delicious food hampers and cupcake-delivering Drag Queens, Kiwis around the country have snatched up these impressive items and now the Hands Up 4 Hospo Fund is ready for applications.

The whole point of the Hands Up 4 Hospo project was to generate targeted support for hospitality businesses. The funding panel, made up of industry representatives, are keen to help businesses pay for whatever it is they need, whether it’s wiping a supplier invoice or the purchase of a new piece of equipment.

There is no judgement from the Hands Up team and no justification needed from applicants, we just want to help.

Apply For Funding – It’s Super Easy!

To apply for funding from the Hands Up 4 Hospo Auction fund, simply fill in the online application form here.

The form consists of some standard questions about your business (company name, address, number of employees etc – the form does not ask any questions about revenue, other than what your average % turnover drop has been, but this does NOT influence the outcome of the application). There is also a section where you can explain what the support would mean for you and your business. ALL information regarding funding applications is kept private.

So, apply today and be sure to share this information with fellow hospitality businesses. A little bit of help from a lot of people can really make a difference, we want Kiwi hospitality to have the summer it truly deserves.