NFTs Make it to the High Seas

Artwork on the ships Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva have been turned into the world's first Cruise Line NFTs

Cruise enthusiasts worried they may have missed the boat on the cryptocurrency craze can rest easy, a leading cruise line has announced their entry into non-fungible art.

Italian digital artist Manuel Di Rita

Norwegian Cruise Line have teamed up with the Italian digital artist Manuel Di Rita, also known as Peeta to create a series of six pieces. They will be auctioning off the unique digital artworks, some of which come with some exciting perks.

“We are so excited to partner with Peeta on this first for our brand and for the industry,” said NCL President and CEO Harry Sommer.

“Peeta is a talented artist who has brought the magic and beauty of the ocean to our ships.”

Peeta has also designed a unique artwork on the hull of the new ship the Prima and her sister ship Viva, alongside the six digital pieces.

The first Cruise Ship NFT artwork

The first of the pieces has a starting price of USD$2,500, with the remaining NFTs sold at a tenth of the price. Along with ownership of the first Cruise Line commissioned NFT, the holder will be awarded a balcony stateroom on one of Norwegian Prima's inaugural US voyages, when she sets sail out of Port Miami terminal later this year.

The first piece in the "Norwegian Prima" collection will be sold at a charity auction in Port Miami. All proceeds will go to Teach for America, which employs graduates in teaching at high-need schools in the US.