Costs of Bedbugs

With Spotta Smart Pest System’s newly launched free online tool, hotels can now evaluate the cost of bed bugs to their bottom line based on hospitality and pest control industry data, hotel size, ADR and frequency of infestations.

As travel returns, bed bugs are re-emerging and ready to bite their next victim, causing costly damage to the financial results and reputation of hotels worldwide and creating more headaches for overstretched housekeeping teams.

Hospitality industry experts at Spotta Smart Pest Systems have recently debuted a free online tool named the Bed Bug Cost Calculator, enabling hoteliers to assess the impact of bed bugs on their business quickly.

The Cost Calculator considers the cost of guest compensation, short-term and long-term lost business, treatment of infestations, legal fees and damage to reputation with the aid of property-specific information incorporated with industry data.

“Many hoteliers underestimate the cost of bed bugs as they often don’t consider long-lasting effects such as reputation damage, or do not consider the time it takes their already-stretched staff to resolve infestations,” said Robert Fryers, CEO of Spotta. “The Cost Calculator is already proving to be a valuable tool for hoteliers who realise bed bugs haven’t gone away. Hospitality management companies are also using it to gauge the impact infestations may have, testing different combinations of room numbers, infestation rates and ADR.”

Despite the false association between bed bugs and uncleanliness, even the cleanest hotels can often find themselves infested with bed bugs. The crawlies are experts at hide-and-go-seek, with reports of them even stowing away in the spine of books. The ability to reside even in the smallest crevices means they can easily be transported by unsuspecting people, causing a massive problem for the hospitality sector. Therefore, it is crucial that stowaway bed bugs are found immediately and eliminated to avoid infestation.

“The ongoing staff shortages in hospitality is a green light for bed bugs. Busy employees have less time, which means less thorough and fewer manual checks for the pests,” concluded Fryers. “Bed bugs can multiply quickly, and with health and hygiene a heightened consideration for travellers, having an infestation can cause extensive damage to your business. By detecting and treating bed bugs early, you can greatly reduce your business’s reputational and financial damage.”