Astro Hospitality Relaunch Hotel Showroom

Astro Hospitality Ltd has announced a relaunch of its Hotel showroom.


Over recent weeks, the Hotel Showroom has been changed in order to make an even better space for hoteliers and hotel interior designers alike.

The new space will showcase new ideas to inspire and help New Zealand-based hoteliers. Some of the key focuses of the new Hotel Showroom have been to keep up with global trends in guest rooms, to incorporate sustainability in a hotel environment, and to how provide guests with a unique accommodation experience.

The Hotel Showroom space will include high-quality products, initiatives and fresh inspiration specifically catered to the hotel, accommodation and hospitality industries. A number of new products will also be introduced with the Hotel Showroom’s relaunch. 

Astro Hospitality Ltd is committed to helping New Zealand hotels create superior guest experiences.