Report Finds Rise of Motorised Accommodation

RVshare has revealed findings from the 2024 Travel Trend Report, indicating a monumental year ahead for travel. Conducted by Wakefield Research and commissioned by RVshare, the exclusive survey data reveals that the majority of Americans (86 percent) plan to book as much or more travel in 2024, including 44 percent who aim to increase travel in the year ahead. However, the similarities in travel behaviour compared to last year end there. From changes in trip planning to crowd fatigue, motivators for leisure travel are predicted to shift considerably in the coming months.

In 2023, international leisure travel hit record highs as many travellers checked off bucket list vacations to EuropeAsia and beyond. Following a year of far-flung adventure, just 24 percent of survey respondents report plans to take more international trips in 2024, and only 26 percent report plans for big trips to bucket list destinations. Instead, 2024 looks to be the year Americans prioritize ease, quality time, well-being and restoration while travelling. Forty-nine percent of travellers plan laid-back trips focused on relaxation, and 43 percent look forward to annual trips with family or friends. After the rush of big trips this past summer, data indicates that Americans will trade in crowds of tourists for quieter travels with friends and family in 2024.

As early indicators reveal increased interest in domestic travel for the year ahead, the Travel Trend Report also showcases that overall interest in RV travel remains high for the third consecutive year. Nearly 60 percent of respondents are organizing a road trip or vacation in an RV in the next 12 months, and data demonstrates that 62 percent are most excited about taking more relaxing trips to destinations away from crowds. Also garnering interest, RVshare's unique RV delivery option is as in-demand as ever, with 78 percent of travellers more likely to consider an RV stay if the RV is delivered to their desired destination ahead of time.

"We are ever curious to uncover consumer sentiment and preferences surrounding various aspects of the travel and tech industries," said RVshare's CEO Jon Gray.

"Looking ahead to 2024, RVshare is excited for milestones in the RV space and overall domestic travel landscape. Americans want to spend time outdoors, whether seeking adventure or purely looking for relaxation. RVshare's expansive inventory of RVs, campers and more - paired with our trip-booking technology - provides access to all types of travel. This year's Trend Report explores what travellers are planning for and how they are doing so – with RVing at the forefront of outdoor travel."