Plans to have a pod hotel built alongside the Christchurch International Airport have been approved following four years of negotiations. The Jucy Snooze is set to hold 300 fibreglass and steel capsules to fit one person, with each costing $30 a night to book.

According to Jucy chief executive, Tim Alpe, the need for accomodation has dramatically increased following the earthquakes, and with more direct flights coming in and out of Christchurch, demand is only going to rise.

Each room would house eight individual pods which all offer full privacy, but additionally there are plans to build rooms with en-suites.

The hotel is targeted at budget travelers, and would also be suitable for passengers who needed a place to rest in-between flights.

"Being close to the airport enabled us to also have the options for people who only want t be there for four or five hours. They want a place to sleep and then they want to get back on a flight and go," said Alpe.

Construction is expected to be complete by October 10.