A customer has compared a Manchester hotel to Fawlty Towers after claiming she was served crunchy chocolate éclairs, brown ham and scones “thinner than pancakes” as part of a “laughable” afternoon tea.

Leanne Beverley said she was left disappointed after going to the Britannia Hotel for a traditional afternoon tea for two.

Beverley bought the deal from Groupon with her partner.

But she said she was served up tasteless sandwiches which were filled with such poor quality ham that they were “brown, white and pinkish”.

Beverley took photos of her meal and said the food was no comparison to the Groupon adverts.

“For such a big hotel, you would expect a certain quality of ingredients, not a piece of meat with three different colours and lots of fat. You can’t really tell if it’s ham or beef. Also, the scones were so thin. I’ve seen pancakes thicker than that. The chocolate éclairs were crunchy on the outside, not like they should be.”

She said the pictures on the Groupon website had looked “really nice”, which made for even more of a disappointment. She said three other people sent their food back.

“The waiters were really nice – we can’t fault them. One of them apologised. When they asked if we wanted another sandwich, we asked for the manager. I wasn’t willing to take the risk for more sandwiches. The waiters said three other people send their food back too. The manager came and said the ham had just oxidised but it was fine to eat. I googled that to find out about it, but couldn’t find anything. We didn’t ask for a refund, we just wanted to make a complaint so other people don’t have the same experience.”

Beverley said she enjoyed the coffee and that the strawberry meringue was “fairly standard”.