Fitness facilities are more important to wealthy hotel guests than other travelers, according to a new report.

The middle-aged man at the hotel gym is likely to be an affluent traveler, suggests the results of the report, which looks at how the top one per cent travels.

The 2016 Luxury Travel Report shows fitness centres are twice as important to America’s richest travelers compared to regular travelers, with 40 per cent versus 20 per cent.

For the survey, 1667 American travelers in the top one per cent and five per cent of household income and net worth were interviewed.

Compared to the 60 per cent of regular US travelers who say they use the health and fitness facilities at the gym, the survey found that among the top one per cent, that figure jumps to 78 per cent.

Over the years, hotel chains have helped frequent flyers and business travelers maintain their health on the road.

One example is the EVEN hotels chain, a brand centered entirely on wellness and health. Every room is designed to include a designated gym zone, and comes with a yoga mat, exercise ball, foam roller, resistance bands, and library of fitness videos.

Runners who stay at select Westin hotels can participate in a running program with a resident running concierge who will take guests on 5-mile runs (8km) around the city. Guests who forget their shoes can borrow a pair of New Balance runners for the nominal fee of $5.

Likewise, the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts hosts will lend out workout kits that include fitness apparel, yoga mats, stretch bands and running shoes.

The Trump Hotel Collection also lends out Under Armour-branded gear and offers a low calorie menu.

The luxury hotel brand that gets the stamp of approval for its spa and fitness facilities from the world’s one per cent guests, however, is The Four Seasons.

Likewise, while 31 per cent of US consumers will travel to participate in an athletic competition, that number spikes to 46 per cent among the wealthy.