The latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) from has revealed the average price paid by both international and domestic travellers for a hotel room in New Zealand increased by 6 per cent to $173 per night in 2015, compared with $163 in 2014.

The growth in domestic hotel prices comes off the back of a record-breaking year for international visitors to New Zealand, with a 9.6 per cent increase in total arrivals. Data is drawn from bookings made on

The HPI is a regular report on hotel prices in destinations across the world, tracking the movement in prices people paid and providing insight into these changes.

Eighty per cent of Kiwi destinations saw an increase in the average price by all travellers, with three cities seeing double-digit growth. Auckland recorded the greatest surge of 12 per cent to $175, followed by Queenstown and Palmerston North. Both cities recorded growth of 11 per cent, with average room rates rising to $235 and $133 respectively.

Only four New Zealand destinations recorded negative growth, including Christchurch, Dunedin, Napier and Nelson, all down 1 per cent to $163, $154, $154 and $148.

As the NZ dollar continued to slide against the US dollar, the price increased for Kiwis who travelled to the States in 2015. A night’s stay in New York cost an average of $341. This was followed closely by Honolulu, which saw an increase of 10 per cent to $327.

Rarotonga represented better value for money, falling 12 per cent to $234. Brisbane room rates fell 9 per cent to $173, and Sydney rose by 3 per cent to $226.

Thailand remained exceptional value-for-money for Kiwis. Bangkok in particular offered travelers the best value, despite prices rising there by 13 per cent to $103.

“As the New Zealand tourism industry broke records in 2015, we saw demand soar across the hotel industry from domestic and international guest bookings. This is a promising sign for the local tourism industry and, with many major hotel development projects in the pipeline, we’ll see increased supply in the long term, which will be welcome news to holidaymakers planning a trip in New Zealand,” Katherine Cole, regional director Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for said.

“For Kiwis dreaming of an international holiday, destinations such Thailand and Bali continue to offer great holidays on a shoestring budget.”