Research has shown that venting ones’ anger online about a poor travel experience is proving a more popular pursuit than taking it up with an official body.

The study by Mark Monitor of almost 3300 travellers in the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands found that 42 percent would post on the web, while only 40 percent would try to get a refund.

Just over one-third would be sufficiently angered by the poor experience to take it up with an official trade organisation or licensing body.

The finding shows 47 percent would check online reviews before booking a travel product, but just 31 percent would look to find the licensing information for a product.

Seven out of 100 travellers said their most recent trip booked online did not meet their expectations, with 37 percent highlighting issues around stolen credit card details or their misuse by a third party following a trip.

Globally, the most popular product bought online was flights (75 percent), followed by accommodation (74 percent), car rental (29 percent) and activities (25 percent).