Choosing the right appliances and guest room equipment for accommodation can be laborious, particularly with the abundance of products available in the retail market.

ASTRO Hospitality, which represents JVD, the leading manufacturer of hotel specific guest room equipment for over 30 years, offers experience, competitiveness and improved standards with its range of appliances. Safety, sustainability and innovation are at the core of the business’ ethos.

“The overarching consideration should always be the guest, as the success of a good product is, after all, a human experience,” said Reuben Beatson, business development manager of ASTRO Hospitality and the factory representative of JVD.

The attention to detail sets JVD apart from mass retail products. The products meet international safety standards and cater to hotel-specific requirements, such as smaller kettles, hair dryers with spinal cords and silent minibars with energy efficient cooling technology.

JVD’s 800ml Duchesse compact kettles are one example of creating positive impressions for guests.

“Not only do they boil fast and use less energy and water, but they also have an ergonomic handle with a patented, built-in SwitchSafe mechanism for ultimate safety.”

JVD offer fit-outs of entirely new or refurbished hotels, ranging from rooms to housekeeping, laundry and even public spaces.

Hoteliers are increasingly looking for a competitive edge, with the guest experience increasingly becoming the point of difference from one brand to another. Beatson said that above all, accommodation providers should play it safe when next choosing appliances.

Already widely distributed and implemented across Europe and Asia, there is now a growing demand for premium appliances in Australia and New Zealand.

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