Bathrobes: The Key To Success

Kimpton Hotel

The world has hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms, so it's no surprise how difficult it can be to standout or leave a lasting impression. One innovative idea that will leave your guests smiling is bath robes. Yes, bath robes. As many hotel chains look for new ways to attract younger travellers, many have found bathrobes are the way to millennial's hearts. Add some pizazz to an otherwise predictable stay, go crazy or go classy, it's up to you. From kimonos to silk blazers to the old classic fluffy polyester robe, the possibilities are endless. The Four Seasons said they know their customers love their new robe design with slimmer sleeves because so many of the robes have "walked away".

Nothing will put a better smile on your youthful guests faces more than to open the closet and be surprised with a colourful and trendy robe to Instagram. "It's no longer just about putting the hotel logo on a floppy, loosefitting white robe," explained Greg Eubanks, vice president of hospitality at Standard Textile. Robe sales have tripled in the past two years alone and nowadays the robe design features sewn-in belts, smartphone pockets, and the general shape is slimmer and shorter. "For years, we sold robes that were about operational efficiency," Eubanks added. "These days, guests want to feel special - sexy, even - in their robes."