Sports Events 365 is the provider of database and tickets for sports and music events worldwide, which actively targets the global travel market. The company is launching a new B2B pricing support intelligence service. The new technology enables Sports Events 365 to optimise the price hotels and airlines charge for rooms or flights, based on information of upcoming sporting events. The company will introduce the B2B intelligence service at the Travel Technology Europe exhibition that will take place at Olympia, London on February 21 and 22.

The information is geared for the revenue managers of hotels in Western Europe and North America, and airlines flying to those destinations, where sports tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry.

“Once they learn to use the information in our database and implement it - they benefit twice,” said Sefi Donner, founder and CEO of Sports Events 365. “First, they get an early warning system that helps them spot key dates in the sporting calendar which will boost demand. Second, they get a tool that enables them to offer effective cross-selling.”

“Hotels and flights are everywhere online these days, and it is hard to shine. Sports tickets are much harder to find, so if you sell a room with an entrance ticket to a sporting event, for example, you have a better chance to stand out. You will also have fewer cancellations and will offer something quite special while not having to settle for lower pricing for your own basic product.” Added Donner.

Established in 2006, Sports Events 365 sells tickets to sports and music events that take place in 50 countries. Sports Events 365 has been selling tickets to customers from 150 countries to most of the 60,000 yearly events on its search engine. The company offers fully guaranteed tickets alongside personal and direct service seven days a week at competitive prices and selected technology tools for sharing content and online sales.