SIAL Innovation, the jewel of the SIAL Network and one of the most popular professional events at SIAL China, is now accepting exhibitor applications. A hallmark event, SIAL Innovation attracts industry innovators who want to learn about fast-developing consumer trends in China and the world. This year, SIAL China, Asia's largest food innovation exhibition is scheduled for May 16th to May 18th, in Shanghai.

Consumption in China on track will add $1.8 trillion in new growth by 2021. This presents a huge opportunity for companies in the food and beverage sector. According to a report published by Boston Consulting Group and AliResearch, growth in China is driven primarily by a growing upper-middle-class, affluent families, younger consumers, and e-commerce. Specifically, upper-middle-class and affluent families are buying more and buying higher-quality food products, while younger consumers are becoming savvier and more demanding, requiring the food and beverage sector to innovate.

To meet China's market consumption growth, food and beverage companies need to understand how Chinese consumers evaluate and buy goods. According to XTC World Innovation, 80 percent of consumers in China are looking for more natural foods, and 65 percent prefer to try new textures, sensations and types of food products, while 55 percent of food innovations in Asia focus on pleasure and 23.6 percent focus on health.

At SIAL Innovation, food and beverage industry innovators demonstrate their products and also exchange ideas. In 2017, SIAL Innovation attracted a record-breaking 528 exhibitor submissions, of which 206 products were selected and seen by a jury of food-industry experts. The jury recognized 10 finalists and awarded the coveted SIAL Innovation Awards to:

    • Gold - SAPMER from Mauritius for its Sashimi Tuna Filet
    • Silver - San Remo from Australia for its San Remo Pulse Pasta Spaghetti
    • Bronze - SILK from China for its Silk Original Skinned Walnut

Each product was selected for its ability to meet consumer needs through the use of creative package design, quality ingredients, and special recipe. And SIAL Innovation judges awarded the finalists on five attributes, pleasure, health, physics, convenience, and ethics.

Past winners have benefitted from increased media exposure and the right to use the SIAL Innovation Awards logo in product marketing and promotional activities. The Winner of the 2017 Gold Award, SAPMER, was also given the opportunity to display their product in the World Champions Tour, a dedicated area placed in all SIAL network shows, including SIAL Paris, SIAL Interfood in Jakarta, SIAL Middle East in Abu Dhabi, and SIAL Canada in Montreal, over a 12-month period for free.

SIAL Innovation will be located in Hall E3 at SIAL China 2018. All exhibitors are encouraged to register their products on the SIAL Innovation platform before April 6, 2018. Registration is easy and free, simply log in to the Exhibitor Online Area, click the SIAL Innovation logo, and fill out the form. You will then be contacted by a SIAL representative.