The parody website displays images of immigrants caged at the US Border.

Let this be a warning to any hotel company who is hesitant to buy extra domain names.

The Trump Organisation owns 3,643 web domains, ranging from to Somehow, the company which made US$9.5 billion in revenue in 2016 was blindsided and forgot to buy the domain for

On June 20th, 40-year-old lawyer Loren Collins – who incidentally ran for local office in Georgia State as a Republican – registered the domain for, costing him just $8.

Following his acquisition, he published a WordPress site with his own vision of Trump Hotels. At a surface-level glance, the website appears just like any other hotel chain’s website. However, instead of pictures showcasing lavish Trump Hotels, the front-page features pictures of US Border Patrol, and asylum seekers locked in cages.

Underneath the banner is a selection of ‘Thoughts From Our Manager’, displaying some of Donald Trump’s most divisive quotes regarding Mexican immigrants and the Chinese government.

Links on the website detailing the hotels’ ‘services’ go videos and interviews of troublesome Trump moments. For instance, the “Handicap Accessibility” service links to a video of Trump mocking a disabled reporter.

To fully appreciate the website you have to see it for yourself at