Facial recognition machine at Marriott hotels.

Facial recognition already plays a fundamental role in travel. Airports across the world scan guest's faces for security reasons. Tourist's taking photos at the beach have iPhones recognising their friends' faces.

Now, a joint venture between Marriott International and Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba will bring facial recognition to Marriott hotels.

The tech, created by Fliggy, Alibaba’s travel service platform, will be available in China at Hangzhou Marriot Hotel Qianjiangand Sanya and Marriott Hotel Dadonghai Bay, beginning in July.

If deemed successful, Marriott plans on introducing facial recognition technology in hotels across the globe.

The standard hotel check-in process takes approximately three minutes, and sometimes even longer during peak times. With facial recognition technology, customers will be able to skip the queue and check-in in less than a minute.

Guests checking in will instead scan their IDs on a machine. They will take a photo and input contact details on the device which will then dispense room key cards after identifying guests and verifying their booking.