Keep it Locked with Keyboxes

Security should be a top concern for all hoteliers, as misplaced or disorganised keys or swipe cards can cause all sorts of headaches for staff. The last thing you need is a guest standing at reception, waiting for half an hour, while the staff behind the desk become stressed trying to find the room key.

One way to always keep tabs on the whereabouts of keys is with Creone KeyBox. Instead of keys and swipe cards being left in cupboards or across desks, they can be safely and securely stored in the Creone KeyBox cabinets. There are two types of units available; KeyBoxes and ValueBoxes.

“Keyboxes are perfect for small bunches of keys or swipe cards; we also have the ValueBox which secures and manages larger items like welcome packs or information guides,” said Oliver Going, Account Manager, from LSCNZ Ltd.

Creone systems are also capable of meeting the needs of today’s guests, allowing them to arrive after hours to collect their keys or welcome packs, using a self-service machine. You can sleep better at night now, knowing that delayed guests, who may be checking in outside of normal reception hours, can let themselves in unaided.

Creone Lockboxes can cover the full spectrum of hotels and motels and come in all shapes and sizes. On top of that, the KeyBox system can be easily expanded by adding more compartments.

“The Creone range is hugely expandable. We start off with as little as one door and move up to 72 doors; suitable for a hotel with more than 300 rooms,” said Going.

The systems are easy to get up and running and can be set-up on a spare spot on the wall, mounting the unit near a 230V power point.

Creone systems are set up in several hotels and motels across Australasia, a notable user being the Crowne Plaza Hotels Group.

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