Hyatt hires the help of hackers


Hyatt is offering hackers a reward to find bugs, flaws, and vulnerabilities in its apps and websites. ‘Ethical’ hackers will be invited to test the Hyatt software and securely report problems and potential weak points to Hyatt.

“At Hyatt, protecting guest and customer information is our top priority and launching this programme represents an important step that furthers our goal of keeping our guests safe every day,” said Benjamin Vaughn, chief information security officer, Hyatt.

“As one of the first global hospitality brands to launch this type of programme, we extend the ways we care for our guests and deepen our commitment to protecting their sensitive information.”

The initiative, called the ‘bug bounty programme’, will offer the hackers cash rewards for security flaws.

“In today’s connected society, vulnerabilities will always be present. Organisations like Hyatt are leading the way by taking this essential step to secure the data they are trusted to hold.”