The dominance of hotel chains in New Zealand

Novotel Auckland Airport

A new market report from Horwath shows chains represent over 7.45 percent of the Asia-Pacific hotel market and make up 34 percent of all rooms.

This trend is most evident in Japan where chains make up 5.3 percent of all properties and 33 percent of rooms.

In New Zealand chains are more prominent, trailing only Singapore in terms of chain saturation. Across the country, 48.2 percent of all hotels and 78.1 percent of all rooms fall under chains, most of which are international. Of New Zealand’s 50 hotel brands, only ten are domestic, and the other 40 are internationally owned, the fewest domestic hotel brands in the Asia-Pacific. Horwath expects the concentration of brands to only increase in New Zealand, primarily because of the 50 percent growth of room supply the country will experience by 2022.

In comparison, of the 126 brands in Australia, 65 are domestic, and 61 were international. Japan had the highest ratio of domestic brands in the Asia-Pacific, with 136 domestic brands and only 46 international brands.

By rooms, AccorHotels is still by far the biggest chain in the country, with 4,366 rooms under its wing across 31 hotels. Quest, however, has the most hotels, with 33 properties and 1,413 rooms.

Of the domestic chains, Scenic Hotel Group has the most rooms (1,561) across its 16 hotels, closely trailed by Distinction Hotels with 1,296 rooms in 12 hotels and Heritage Hotels with 18 hotels and 1,238 rooms.

By rooms, Distinction is the biggest domestic brand (1,242), and Novotel is the biggest international brand (1,437).