Hotel blasted for shaming guest on Facebook

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The Quest Palmerston in Darwin, Australia has been blasted for “period-shaming” a female guest online.

The hotel posted on Facebook making fun of the woman, and calling her “#disgusting” after she left blood on the hotel's bed sheets.

While the hotel has since removed the post, angered people rushed to give the hotel negative reviews.

Quest Palmerston Facebook post.

This Facebook post has since been deleted.

One review said “Wow, very disappointing FB post. I can't imagine how embarrassed the poor guests must feel. Privacy is expected at a hotel. Massive breach of trust. Will never stay at Quest again.”

On Facebook, another reviewer wrote “Shame on the management. That sort of content should not be allowed.”

In reply to the negative feedback, Quest Palmerston offered a generic apology.

“We are deeply apologetic to all for the recent post and comment of the Quest Palmerston Facebook page that has been removed. This is not in line with our standards or the Quest Brand. We have addressed the post with staff responsible,” the hotel said on its Facebook page.