Behind the Design at QT Wellington

Indyk Architects started design work with QT Wellington when the property was first bought by Event Entertainment and Hospitality, back when it was still known as the Old Museum Art Hotel in Wellington.

“We started with the new fit out of the harbour facing rooms – level 1, 2 and part 3 in 2015. This involved the design of minibars, wardrobes, bedheads and complete bathrooms along with new lighting concepts and fitting and carpet designs to these north facing rooms and balconies,” said Shelley Indyk, director, Indyk Architects.

Indyk Architects’ mission was to maintain the property’s artistic qualities and content but within a new elegant and quirky QT environment.

Following that, Indyk redesigned the ground floor, creating a new reception, bar, lounges, entire wall finishes, and large angled mirror frames. After the ground floor, Indyk began creating a new restaurant and bar within the hotel’s existing carpark, which eventually become the funky Asian food and wine venue Hot Sauce. Most recently, Indyk worked on the Level 4 accommodation which became Gallery 4.

“I was very interested to make the hotel particular to Wellington through art pieces and art stories. I became familiar with a wonderful city full of creativity, good food and venues, where the quality of light is mesmerising, and the wind is totally daunting. This was a unique experience which I would be happy to embark upon again. I have met a wonderful potter, glass artists, mural artists, light artists and installation artists. ”

Indyk has worked on other QT projects like the flagship QT Sydney where they created 200 quirky and unique guest rooms, hallways and suites, both in heritage buildings. They also worked on resolving, detailing and coordinating QT Melbourne and QT Perth which were both new-build projects. Additionally, the team worked on Rydges hotels, such as Rydges Melbourne where the team created a bespoke large reception entry carpet and Rydges Hobart where they created a reception dining ground floor.

Having been in the industry for a long time, Shelley Indyk has seen and been a part of how hotel design has changed and evolved.

“I think that hotel design has come a long way in the last seven years. There are many more designer hotels than before giving the guests a unique experience. Above all hotels have become more linked to the neighbourhoods that they stand within.”

The challenge in modern design is making the building relevant to their surroundings and local environment.

“I think making hotels particular to their context is the challenge now. As the world becomes one global community, and Instagram and Pinterest define our imagery and interest, how does one create and design unique hotels that somehow stimulate an understanding of place and context.”

Indyk has over 30 years’ experience working in a broad range of commercial, hospitality and residential projects.

“We bring a love of design, a total commitment to detailing and love of materials. We bring an audacity of finishes and textures, and we are perfectionists in a world of commercial reality where perfection is not always the outcome and aim.”

“We insist on quality if we cannot achieve perfection.”

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