Host fined $12,000 for illegal shipping container Airbnb

Luxury shipping container.
Shipping containers can make for a unique accommodation offering, but only when the correct building and resource consents are granted first.

An Airbnb operator in Arthurs Point has been fined $12,000 for putting others’ lives at risk.

Lisa Kalazich had shipping containers placed on her property prior to 2017, had them converted for residential use, and listed the rooms on AirBnB and Bookabach. Alongside the containers, there were three other residential units on the property without resource consents also listed on the short-term stay websites.

She had positioned the containers in a perilous position above a river lacking any approved foundations.

The judge deemed Kalazich’s actions as “reckless”, saying “in short you took a risk with other people’s lives”.

She was convicted of two charges, one under the Building Act for converting the containers into units without consent, the other under the Resource Management Act for illegally having the containers in the first place.