Woman finds creepy picture of herself on hotel bed

Hotel bed with night lamp.

A woman checked out of her Christchurch hotel after she found photographs of her and her son in her room when she arrived.

She found a picture of her children in a bottle with a note saying:

“We know travelling can be lonely, so we’ve put a picture here of the wee one to keep you company.”

The pictures had been taken from her Facebook profile, which meant one of the staff members had stalked her online before her arrival, which creeped her out. She then checked out of the property and chose to stay at a different hotel.

A spokesperson for TFE Hotels said a staff member at the Rendezvous Hotel Christchurch took the photo from the woman’s Facebook page.

“The intention was to give our guest a little comfort whilst away from her family, and was in no way meant to make her feel uncomfortable.”