Over 100 years of laundry service

Housekeeping staff make bed with fresh laundry.

For over 100 years Speed Queen has built a legacy on providing equipment for any commercial laundry needs. It has become the world’s largest commercial laundry company.

Speed Queen’s laundry systems are designed to meet the flexibility and capacity needs of the hotel industry. Vital components of hotel operations bedding, towels need to be done quickly at a minute’s notice and on a large scale.

Speed Queen’s range covers hardmount washer-extractors perfect for hotel ground-floor laundries, as well as softmount washer-extractors which are ideal for second floors or higher because of its heavy-duty suspension which absorbs vibrations, without the need of special foundations.

Unlike its competitors, Speed Queen machines are specifically built for the commercial laundry environment, rather than just residential machines in a tough exterior.

Speed Queen machines are built to be tough, because durability is important to accommodation providers.

The company’s history dates back to 1908 when Joe Barlow and John Seeling bought some hand-powered washing machines and schemed ways to improve the technology, devising a way to increase efficiency with high speed gearing.

Now Speed Queen builds, designs and supplies equipment to millions of laundromats and laundries. They offer solutions like EFTPOS payment systems, which give accommodation providers choice and flexibility. With these systems customers walk up to payment terminals, follow the prompts on screen and the owners don’t have to worry about handling cash.

They may be the oldest manufacturer in the world, but they’re constantly innovating and creating new market-leading products.

To learn more contact sales@speedqueen.co.nz or call 0800 773 337.