Prioritising Sleep

Glenn Wearmouth grew up alongside the furniture and bedding industry, working in various sectors like wholesale account management of medical care facilities and most recently hospitality.

In 2012 Wearmouth joined Sleep Systems, a family-owned and run business since 1970. Originally Sleep Systems was located near some of the country’s biggest furniture manufacturers, but as imports rose a lot of those companies closed their doors. Sleep Systems, however, has continued to evolve and quickly grew to supply and deliver to Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and the USA.

While Sleep Systems has proliferated, bedding and furniture technology has also developed, with New Zealand just catching up now to advancements in some other countries.

“While New Zealand is about two to three years behind Europe on adopting adjustable beds, these are becoming more affordable for commercial settings,” said Wearmouth.

Wearmouth mentioned heating and cooling pads as a particularly exciting new and unique innovation which provides heating and cooling without the dangers that come with electric blankets.

“With the ability to cool, regulate and heat, it’s essentially a mini climate control unit inside the bed. This gives the end user the ability to customise the temperature to suit their needs.”

An innovative piece of bed technology Sleep Systems is developing is easy tuck bases which saves fingers when changing sheets. They are also working on interior panelling systems and cooling options for hot sleepers.

“Above all, make quality of sleep the number one priority. Looks are important, but at the end of the day quality of sleep is what most clients remember long after they have forgotten the fancy curtains or free soap packs.”

Wearmouth’s advice is to invest in comfortable, durable beds and think about padded upholstered headboards as part of the design package.

Sleep Systems provides comfort and design solutions for all sectors within the hospitality industry, from hotels, resorts, motels, bed and breakfasts and hostels to marae and boarding schools. They offer direct-from-manufacturer prices, and the ability to customise to your needs and be flexible with timeframes, working alongside clients to make their vision a reality.

Some properties currently using Sleep Systems’ bedding include Wellington Kiwi Holiday Park, Te Tiriti Resort Waitangi and the Edgewater Palms Apartments.

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