Marriott building the world’s tallest modular hotel

Exterior of Marriott's record-length modular hotel.

Marriott is planning to build the world’s tallest modular hotel, on track to be stacked together by late Q3.

The hotel will feature prefabricated and pre-furnished guestrooms, all to be put together over a 90-day period. The 360 foot (109 metres) tower will be topped with a modular roof and modular rooftop bar, with an open date set for late 2020.

It has been named the AC Hotel New York NoMad set as the name.

“In North America, the construction process hasn’t changed significantly in 150 years and it’s ripe for innovation,” said Eric Jacobs, Marriott International, chief development officer, North America, Select and Extended Stay Brands.

“The world’s tallest modular hotel in one of the world’s greatest destinations will act as a game-changing symbol to ignite even greater interest in modular among the real estate and lending industries.”

Across 168-rooms, the 26-storey AC Hotel New York NoMad will have guestrooms arriving at the hotel constructed and all kitted out. Aside from the walls being painted, every element of the guest room – including beds, sheets, pillows, flooring and toiletries will be set up upon arrival.

Even the roof and the rooftop are expected to be made with modular construction. Only some public areas like the restaurant and lobby are expected to be made with regular construction techniques.

“This is the moment where modular construction takes centre stage,” said Danny Foster, director of Danny Forster & Architecture who designed the build.

“This hotel takes every advantage of off-site manufacturing, as you might expect. But it does so in a way that defies expectation.

“We wanted to demonstrate that modular building can do more than just harness the efficiencies of the factory. It can produce a graceful and iconic tower. And yes, it can do so at the rate of an entire floor a day.”