HOFEX celebrates its opening

Asian food and hospitality tradeshow HOFEX has officially opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, with hundreds of people attending the opening ceremonies.

Paul Chan Mo-po, financial secretary of Hong Kong, officiated at the Grand Opening Ceremony, which was attended by over 300 guests including consul generals, chief representatives from tourism and trade, food and beverage, and hospitality organisations.

Following the Opening Ceremony, the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic (HKICC) 2019 Opening Ceremony. Paul Chan Mo-po hit the gong together with HKICC’s Platinum Sponsor, Lena Low, announcing the start of the competition. The competition goes for 11 hours on the second day.

The second day also features the International Food Safety Association Seminar, the Chef Masterclass, and the CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories Seminar.