What Kiwis think about tourism depends on where they live

New Zealand signpost.

It seems New Zealanders’ opinion on tourism varies greatly across the regions. The latest Mood of the Nation research by Kantar TNS on behalf of Tourism Industry Aotearoa and Tourism New Zealand has shown that Kiwis’ attitude toward tourism differs depending on where they live.

“At the end of a busy summer tourism season, the latest research has highlighted big regional differences in attitudes to tourism. Auckland and Wellington residents were the most positive towards tourism while the highest levels of concern are in Queenstown and the West Coast,” said Chris Roberts, chief executive, TIA.

The survey showed a particularly big difference between Queenstown residents and those living elsewhere in Otago. Those from Queenstown thought there was too much pressure from international residents (76 percent) whereas only 47 percent of the rest of Otago thought that way.

“Queenstown is a hugely popular destination for Kiwis and international visitors, who pour billions of dollars into the Queenstown economy. While locals do generally acknowledge the benefits of tourism, they also experience the pressures of growth.”

The amount of New Zealanders who believe that tourism puts too much pressure on the country has remained stable in recent years, but there has been a small increase of over time.

Aside from geographical location, national media and personal experiences were both factors that strongly influenced New Zealanders’ views.

Overall, 93 percent of New Zealanders believe international tourism is good for New Zealand, with 47 percent agreeing and 46 percent strongly agreeing.