Package launched to attract New Zealanders to tourism careers

Hotel and tourism company’s struggles to attract New Zealanders to careers in the industry have been heard.

As a response, a new three-year package designed to attract New Zealanders to tourism careers has been launched today at TRENZ 2019.

The package is designed to improve New Zealanders’ knowledge and perceptions of tourism and tourism careers, and make it easier for young people to be exposed to these careers through activities like open days and placement programmes. Employers are also being motivated to support their new employees and implement mentoring programmes.

The aim is to attract 40,000 new employees into the industry in the next five years.

Initiatives such as the YoungTEC professional development programme and the Go With Tourism programme launched this April by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) will be complemented and expanded.

Last year, TIA teamed up with ATEED to begin researching what Kiwis think about working in tourism and who influences their thinking.
“The perceptions research provided the basis for our business case. After extensive consultation with industry members around the country, we are excited to launch this package of eight initiatives today,” said Chris Roberts, chief executive, Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

“Other industries are well advanced in programmes to attract talent and tourism can’t afford to be left behind. By taking a coordinated approach, we can become more competitive in attracting the talent we need to continue offering world-class visitor experiences.”

The cost of the package is approximately $1.9 million, and TIA is currently seeking funding from the government and additional sources.