Data leak spotted in major reservation system

Israeli prime minister/

Data for travel plans from notable figures like the Israeli Prime Minister were leaked in a recent security breach.

An anonymous hacker discovered the breach in Alp, an online platform used by Israeli travel agents to book flights and hotels, and to submit visa applications.

The system is used by the travel reservation system Amadeus, which provides online bookings for over 140 airlines.

When the hacker found a weakness in Alp’s database, they consequently had access to personal details and email addresses of millions of passengers across the Amadeus network.

The hacker obtained information about the Israeli prime minister and other high-ranking official’s travel plans.

Once discovering the sensitive nature of the information, the hacker informed the tech website Calcalistech, who then notified the Israeli National Cyber Directorate of the leak.

The database contained information on over 36 million flights, involving 15 million passengers, over one million hotel bookings, and 700,000 visa applications.

Amadeus said they learned about the security failure and addressed the issue immediately, fixing the problem.