JA The Resort's extensive grounds.

Dubai's largest experience resort has been named 'Dubai's Most Sustainable 5 Star Resort' by the Dubai government.

The 1 million square metre JA The Resort was awarded the accolade at the DTCM Sustainability awards. Competitors were judged on five key performance indicators - Waste and Environmental Protection; Water, Energy and Carbon; Responsible Practices; Training and Awareness; and Continuous Improvement.

Cluster general manager William Harley-Fleming credited JA The Resort's dedicated Green Team for ensuring the smooth running of all sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts in the 3-hotel experience resort.

"We are delighted to receive this honour from DTCM, a testament to the commitment and passion of our associates," said JA The Resort cluster general manager William Harley-Fleming.

"I am personally very proud to work for JA Resorts & Hotels, a homegrown hospitality company who truly value sustainability and make it a part of everything we do. We are excited to continue our efforts with the opening of JA Lake View Hotel in September, which we are confident will be a sustainability leader amongst hotels in the region."

Notable highlights of JA The Resort's active sustainability programme include its extensive use of locally sourced goods and products, and the fact that 95 percent of chemicals used by the resort are certified as biodegradable and eco-friendly. The resort uses solar heating for much of its hot water in rooms, public areas, and swimming pools.

JA The Resort has a reverse osmosis plant that carries out the desalination of seawater for the resort, supported by a sewage treatment plant used for the irrigation of the hotel's grounds and golf course. When guest furniture is due for an upgrade, all of the resort's older furniture is donated to local company Gver, who recycle and repurpose the goods.

The Dubai Sustainable Tourism Awards

The Dubai Sustainable Tourism Awards are held to recognise companies within the tourism sector that have demonstrated good practices when it comes to reducing the company's carbon footprint, in an effort to promote sustainability within the tourism industry.

The main objectives of the awards are threefold: to develop guidelines that enable the tourism industry to become more sustainable; to create a network on sustainability and enable sharing of best practices; and to recognise sustainability efforts and achievements within the industry.