A hotel resort in Egypt has come under fire after a 4-year old girl drowned in the pool.
Skia Watson was on holiday at Seagull Beach Resort in Hurghada off the coast of the Red Sea. She was vacationing with her sister Lystasia, 11, cousin Mali Francis, 18, and Mali's mother Shelly, 43, from Bristol, UK.
She is thought to have slipped and banged her head before falling into the water. Mali Francis said, "We lost sight of Sia for just a moment or two before she fell in but the lifeguard never saw her until it was too late."
Skia's family have blamed the Seagull Beach Resort, saying there was only one lifeguard present at the huge pool area, and that he had no first aid skills.
Ms Francis claimed the guard panicked, carrying Skia before someone else stepped in to give CPR. The resort's manager denied any responsibility, saying, "It happened because the little girl was not being watched."