NZYME is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaners. They use world leading technology to produce highly effective products that are completely safe for people and the planet. With the world at a tipping point, NZYME have recognised the detrimental effect that harmful chemical run offs are having on our environment. NZYME aim to disrupt this process by introducing biodegradable cleaning alternatives for domestic and industrial use.

How do enzymes work? Enzymes activate and energise good bacteria that consume bad bacteria and/or contaminants at the microbial level. They eat protein and organic matter by feeding and turning the contaminants into water, salts, and CO2 (carbon dioxide). Enzymes cut the bonds (tubes) that attach atoms together that make up molecules. If the tubes that attach the atoms are cut, the molecule will no longer exist in its initial state.

Whenever there is a concern with bacteria, residue chemical cleaners, especially disinfectants do not perform as advertised. All chemical claims are made from inside a controlled laboratory environment – not in the real world where it really counts. Real world situations are significantly different than an incubator inside a laboratory where most validation tests are performed. Our environmental conditions can change in an instant – while the testing laboratory maintains controlled for weeks which typically does not reflect the reality for day to day applications.

Procured by nature NZYME products contain plant-based enzymes combined with natural surfactants and scents. Enzymatic cleaners are powerful and scientifically proven to enhance the cleaning process, resolving problematic issues that harsh chemical cleaners can’t budge, like biofilm that protects harmful bacteria and is the leading cause of strong odours. At NZYME they are passionate about saving the environment and proud to represent a range of products that are truly nature’s own.

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