London Based Start-Up Brings New Meaning to 2020 Vision

eye chart to determine customers mood

As rules governing mask-wearing become increasingly stringent in outlets worldwide, a chart that enables staff to identify the mood of customers is being made available for free by retail experts Uncrowd.

The at-a-glance chart, downloadable from, maps thirty-two eye moods to enable staff to diagnose and pre-empt potential problems.

Moods range from ‘queue-jumped’ to ‘zoned out’.

Uncrowd boss Richard Hammond said: “Good operators can read their customers like a book, but if mouths are hidden behind masks, it’s a bit harder to work out what customers are thinking and feeling.  Our at-a-glance guide should help to check the mood of a customer.”

“2020 vision was supposed to mean perfect eyesight.  This year, with the pandemic and mask-wearing, it’s taken on a slightly different meaning.”

Uncrowd, a London-based start-up, helps business owners and their staff to work out how best to appeal to customers by rating service and experience against 82 variables.  The company is the recipient of this year's Microsoft global start-up partner of the year award.