Tourism Industry Hopeful for Trans-Tasman Bubble Announcement this Afternoon

At 4pm today, the government will announce their decision on when a trans-Tasman bubble will occur with Australia.

The decision will be announced after meeting with Cabinet, however, Jacinda Arden has warned that travelling to Australia still has a risk factor for travellers. She explained that those who are travelling should factor in plans if there were events, such as an outbreak, that occurs in either Australia or New Zealand.

If a community outbreak occurs in Australia, New Zealanders may have to stay put, self-isolate, or be tested once they return.

The tourism industry has been longing for the trans-Tasman bubble to be active as it will bring billions of dollars back into the New Zealand economy.

Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chief Executive, Chris Roberts, stated that businesses will need clarity on what would happen if outbreaks occurs and how Australian travellers will be looked after if so in order to fine-tune the messaging New Zealand should give to its potential visitors.

With these questions answered, the New Zealand tourism industry will be raring to go.