Park Hyatt does Easter with a Bang!

Park Hyatt is kicking off Easter celebrations in extravagant style with its lavish hot cross buns, an egg made for two, and a seafood feast at Onemata.


Hot Cross Buns 

Executive Pastry Chef Callum Liddicoat has given the traditional hot cross bun a flamboyant makeover. 

A hybrid of brioche and a soft milk roll is filled with Earl Grey tea-infused currants and sultanas and then spiced with the traditional cinnamon, ginger, and allspice, and a surprising punch of black pepper, coriander, and cardamom. Lemon zest, citrus peel, and a touch of tonka elevate these buns to a whole new level.

Liddicoat has also invented a new hot cross bun – Pecan Valrhona Dulcey Chocolate and Caramel. Bursting at the seams with roasted cinnamon and Valrhona dulcey (a velvety blonde chocolate), the bun is baked and brushed in gooey caramel sauce hot from the oven.   


An Egg for Two 

Liddicoat and his team have also created an egg to share, inspired by the famous crème egg.  

Featuring a rich, salted mango caramel and lightly whipped caramel Chantilly centre, the Egg is enrobed in a 55 percent Valrhona Itakuja chocolate, exploding with aromas of passion fruit and a powerful chocolaty taste. Each serving is garnished with a colourful array of chocolate ‘flicks’ to finish.


Onemata Seafood Feast 

A six-course set menu of heavenly seafood dishes at the hotel’s signature restaurant showcasing green-lipped mussels, whiskey cured salmon, scampi risotto, whole fish with lime beurre blanc, and more, all seafood sourced from local fisheries.