Six Senses Svart in Norway Goes Off-Grid with First Energy-Positive Project

With the demand for adventurous and eco-conscious travel booming over recent years, Six Sense Svart has combined a futuristic design and technological innovation to provide a blueprint for sustainable development. 

The 94-room resort set to open in 2024 incorporates earthy, organic materials that use the least embedded energy, making it the first net energy-positive destination worldwide. To minimise the onsite impact, Six Senses Svart sits weightlessly at the base of the spectacular Svartisen glacier, erected on poles above the crystal-clear waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord.

Together with the local community, Six Senses Svart is dedicated to inspiring its guests to consider the possibilities of regenerative travel and raise awareness of the importance of the polar region. The project’s design concept is centred around environment and nature, sustainability, technological innovation, wellness, and mindfulness, aiming to soon set a new standard in carbon-neutral travel.

“Sustainable properties call for extraordinary creativity, and Six Senses Svart takes us to a whole new level in pushing boundaries,” said Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses. “The concept has become bigger than the project itself. It will provide a futuristic showcase for what can be achieved in terms of sustainability and energy solutions, and therefore a blueprint within our hospitality industry and the development sector in general.”

Visionary and Optimistic Design

Drawing inspiration from “fiskehjell” (an A-shaped wooden structure for drying fish) and the “rorbu” (a coastal fisherman’s cabin), Six Senses Svart will be built on poles blending the boundary between land and fjord to ensure minimal land and seabed disruption. 

Sustainable Scandic interiors adorned with quirky artwork, artefacts, and landscape follies created from superior craftsmanship will bring nature inside.

Each guestroom will also become a wellness concierge through the Svart Touch concept. Non-invasive and contactless technology will adapt the room to its guest’s state of mind and health to evoke a more profound sense of wellbeing. 

Off-grid and Carbon-neutral 

Six Senses Svart boasts the title of the first building to be designed and built following the highest energy-efficiency standard in the northern hemisphere.  

Harvesting solar energy to operate the hotel, boat shuttle and construct the building, the property is forecasted to deliver 89 percent of the 45 percent decrease in emissions required to fulfil the scenario where global warming is confined to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

Six Senses Svart aims to prove that carbon neutrality is achievable in a sophisticated development in an eco-sensitive site and capable of generating revenue. 

The building will be self-sufficient, complete with its own waste and water management, recycling and renewable infrastructure to ensure zero environmental impact from start to end. The team will also be working with local, sustainable fishing and farming operators and suppliers for its restaurants and bars. 

Raising Awareness

Six Senses Svart will be changing the concept of a “stay” with immersive and purpose-driven experience offerings.

Guests are invited to enjoy unplugged exploration and signature standards, including Eat With Six Senses, Sleep With Six Senses and Grow With Six Senses, the brand’s edutainment program for younger guests focusing on the six dimensions of wellness. 

The Alchemy Bar emphasises the rich history of regional healing techniques by transforming local flora and fauna into scents and scrubs. The Svart Design Lab will act as an innovation and education hub for guests to learn how new groundbreaking technologies are helping the sector achieve carbon neutrality. Meanwhile, the Earth Lab will exist as a sustainability outreach space, sharing “lifecycle living” endeavours on and off the property.

Alongside carbon neutrality and local production, Six Senses Svart aims to achieve zero-waste-to-landfill.