Sabre’s Vision for the Future of Hospitality Retailing with Nuvola

A leading software and technology provider driving the global travel industry, Sabre Corporation has acquired Nuvola, a prominent guest service management software for the worldwide hospitality industry. The transaction includes Nuvola technology, guest enablement software, and Nuvola employees’ integration to Sabre. 

With the acquisition of Nuvola Solutions, Sabre has plans to grow its hospitality retailing and merchandising strategy while also expanding its property and operations abilities. Nuvola’s dynamic capabilities will help address the on-property fulfilment challenges that arise when hoteliers offer a diverse range of ancillaries and attributes. Providing a solution to this critical need will empower hoteliers to extend their offerings through Sabre’s robust retailing, merchandising and fulfillment capacities. 

“Our vision for the future of hospitality retailing goes beyond the industry’s current focus on selling the room along with a limited set of ancillaries,” said Scott Wilson, president of Sabre Hospitality Solutions. “Hoteliers today need new retailing strategies and solutions to help them deliver memorable, meaningful experiences for guests. Leveraging Nuvola’s capabilities will help us deliver the ‘last mile’ in the retailing process, enabling our customers to create and, most importantly, fulfill differentiated guest experiences.”

Nuvola was designed and developed by hoteliers with first-hand knowledge of select-service, full-service, and resort-style property processes, providing hotels with intuitive and scalable cloud-based solutions. This includes task management, guest messaging and concierge services, and expert housekeeping management solutions.

“Together, we will be able to deliver increased benefit to hoteliers – not just in the operations space but also in retailing,” said Juan Carlos Abello, founder and CEO of Nuvola. “The current standalone Nuvola offerings will continue to enhance on-property efficiencies for hoteliers. More importantly, integrating Nuvola capabilities into Sabre’s existing retailing and property management solutions will unlock new opportunities for hoteliers to deliver a differentiated, seamless guest experience.”  

Leveraging the Nuvola solutions, Sabre Hospitality advances its retailing and operations portfolio to help ensure its hotel customers can differentiate themselves and effortlessly care for their guests.