Air ‘Bee and Bee’

In celebration of World Bee Day, Italian beekeeper Rocco Filomeno has listed the world’s first bee farm on Airbnb. Located just outside the idyllic village of Grottole in southern Italy, guests can sleep with a colony of over one million bees on Rocco’s olive farm. Available for booking on Airbnb, all proceeds will go to Wonder Grottole, a non-profit organisation focused on bee conservation projects.

Rocco Filomeno, Italian beekeeper

Rocco Filomeno, Italian beekeeper

“This is the first place in the world where you can sleep immersed in the distinctive sound and aroma of the bees, experiencing ‘bee-therapy’ most authentically and naturally,” shared Filomeno.

About the space

The idea to build the hive stemmed from Filomeno’s commitment to promoting awareness of and respect for bees. Under the guidance of Wonder Grottole and through the designs of self-build experts Davide Tagliabue, he realised this dream. Financed through crowdfunding and constructed by 25 local volunteers, the structure cost $17,000. Situated in Filomeno’s charming olive garden, the hive comprises a single room encircled by nine apiaries containing one million working bees.

About the stay

On arrival, guests will be greeted by beekeeper Filomeno where they will receive their first lesson on bees and how to live with them. Lying inside the structure, guests will be able to peer through a specially constructed box in the ceiling at a working hive of over one million bees and fall asleep to their gentle humming sounds. In the morning, guests can also enjoy a breakfast of ricotta, strawberries, homemade biscuits and local honey.