Marriott Introduce New Hydration Programme

In a world that moves at a rapid pace, finding moments of pause and self-care is paramount to maintaining momentum. Delta Hotels by Marriott has furthered its commitment to creating seamless and thoughtful travel experiences by introducing an exclusive new and complimentary hydration program with waterdrop, whose mission is to encourage people to drink more water so that they can live a healthier, longer, and more sustainable life.

Guests checking into any of Delta Hotels’ more than 120 locations around the world can now indulge in a refreshing twist to their hydration routine, by infusing their water with waterdrop's compact, sugar-free flavour cubes – the world's first Microdrink cubes designed to dissolve and enrich water with natural fruits, plants, and vitamins. As waterdrop's Microdrinks dissolve, an effervescent transformation occurs, infusing the water with enticing flavours that stimulate the senses. This experience goes beyond just hydration; it's a moment for guests to collect their thoughts, rejuvenate, and find the boost or focus they need to continue their journey.

Vice President and Global Brand Leader at Delta Hotels, Manny Rappenecker, said that the concept perfectly matches the brand ethos of delivering thoughtful touches for our on-the-go leisure and business guests.

“This hydration program invites travellers to take a moment to pause and recharge amidst their busy schedules," said Rappenecker.

The brand’s hotel amenities are rooted in its signature approach of meticulously delivering the key essentials guests need and eliminating everything they don’t. This includes offering accessible hydration options from complimentary water bottles in rooms to hydration stations, which are conveniently located at select Delta Hotels to provide guests with an easy way to pause and rehydrate throughout their stay, while also benefiting the planet.

Co-founder and CEO of waterdrop, Martain Murray, said that it was a thrill to partner with the hotel chain.

“We are excited to offer our innovative Microdrink cubes, to encourage people to prioritise hydration as a key element of their well-being during travel. Together with Delta Hotels, we invite travellers to savour the moment, rejuvenate, and embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle while on the go,” said Murray.