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happy ocean foods

German company Happy Ocean Foods aims to shape the future of nutrition while protecting the ocean by developing sustainable and healthy products.

The founder of Happy Ocean Foods, Julian Hallet, travelled the world in 2019 as a surfer and nature enthusiast. He quickly noticed significant challenges facing the ocean due to fishing practices. Simultaneously, the meat industry was becoming increasingly innovative through meat alternatives. However, there wasn't something comparable in the seafood market, and that's when the idea was born: to create a brand that stands for authentic alternatives for fish and seafood and helps protect the oceans. Hallet contacted his friend and former colleague, Robin Drummond, to win him over to start the project.

As a vegetarian and nature enthusiast with a strong background in the food industry, Drummond was instantly convinced by the idea and joined as a co-founder. The first product developed and produced with Happy Ocean Foods was the Happy Ocean Shrymp: a shrimp alternative that feels and tastes similar to a real shrimp and is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. A tuna and salmon alternative followed quickly. In the future, Happy Ocean Foods will continue to set new standards for seafood alternatives and extend the portfolio with fish filets.

Happy Ocean Foods aims to create seafood alternatives that are so good that they can win over fish eaters to create a massive impact to decrease the extensive ocean fishing.

Happy Ocean Foods is driven by ecological aspects rather than profit maximisation.

When launching our Happy Ocean Shrymps, it was one of the first on the market in Germany. This industry for alternatives has since grown.

Happy Ocean Foods ingredient lists are comparably short, the products offering a healthy alternative containing plant-based proteins, natural aroma and Omega 3. On top of that, the seaweed used is one of the fastest-growing organisms, which means its products can be produced sustainably, aligning with its mission to combine taste, health, and sustainability. This ethos also caters to the growing consumer concern regarding sustainability for consumers, retailers, and global industries.

Recently, Happy Ocean Foods expanded its product portfolio and welcomed its newest products, Happy Ocean Tuna and Happy Ocean Salmon. It now has a range of products that include shrymps natural, provencal (with herbs) and breaded, as well as tuna and salmon. Its products stand out as Happy Ocean Foods tries to keep the ingredient list as short as possible without artificial additives.

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