Anuga Spotlight | Cocoba Chocolate

cocoba chocolate

Cocoba chocolate is a brand that started as a concept from memory. Australian Darren Litton, Cocoba’s founder and chief chocoholic, grew up sharing hot chocolates with his grandfather, not from powder, but from using natural, premium chocolate. When Litton moved to the UK, he couldn’t find a chocolate drink that matched the one from his childhood and set out to create it himself.

Made from the same love and care Litton’s grandfather put into his hot chocolate, Cocoba’s hot chocolate bombes are a customer favourite. This innovative product has a new flavour: Boozy, Salted Caramel, and new Christmas character designs. It also has new concepts, such as the colour-changing hot chocolate bombe and popping candy hot chocolate bombes.

Further included in the Cocoba Chocolate range are its Hot chocolate bombes, Spoon and Flakes, Chocolate Bars, Truffles, and Chocolate covered confectionery. The fantastic quality makes each product stand out in the market, using the best Belgian chocolate to ensure each product tastes terrific every time.

With its bright, colourful branding, Cocoba Chocolate is designed to stand out from the crowd on the shelf with bright packaging and imaginatively topped and drizzled products.

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