New Ingredients at Four Seasons Hong Kong

Few bars in Asia Pacific have enjoyed such success since launching as ARGO at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Led by the dynamic trio of Four Seasons Beverage Manager Federico Balzarini, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage Summer Lo and Head Bartender Yvonne Chan, this multi-award-winning bar continues to break new ground with its inventive menus.

The latest iteration – based on the concept of agroforestry – is its most thoughtful to date, as Balzarini explains: “The best way to move forward is to look at the past. So after focusing on single ingredients and on culinary processing techniques, we’re now focusing our energy on the bigger picture and the concept of agroforestry.”

Agroforestry intentionally integrates certain plants into crop and animal farming systems to create environmental, economic, and social benefits. The ARGO Forestry menu translates into six key ingredients sourced from Hong Kong, some of which are highly unexpected in cocktails but fit perfectly with agroforestry as well as ARGO’s mantra to “Expect the Unexpected.”

All of the ingredients work with one another in a special symbiotic relationship.

“We wanted to focus on ingredients and animals that sustain each other without the need of human culture. They grow and create the best environment for each other.”

Each of the six hero ingredients has two interpretations in two different cocktails. One cocktail is what you’d expect — the other is what you definitely wouldn’t. The pairs of cocktails are poised to wow drinkers in Hong Kong, not only for their remarkable flavour profiles but also because of their profoundly thoughtful and respectful take on sourcing.

Curated by Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Executive Chef Maxime Luvara and Executive Pastry Chef Ringo Chan, ARGO’s Bar Bites menu aligns perfectly with the new ARGO Forestry cocktails.

Highlights include the ARGO Burger, made with sustainably sourced wagyu, and the luscious Hong Kong Egg Waffle, served with chocolate pear “belle hélène,” soy caramel, and moutai stracciatella gelato.  Savoury Beef Kofta features Indian spicy herbs, sour cream, lemon grass, and peanut.