Minute Suites Open in Salt Lake City

Minute Suites has opened its first location in Utah's Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). The new site is in Concourse A near Gate A33 and features seven suites. This is part of SLC's expansion project for Concourse A, with more shops and restaurants to enjoy and additional gates leading to more destinations.

Minute Suites are designed as a place to get work done in peace, escape the hustle of the airport, and recharge before your next flight. Minute Suites now has 15 operational locations across 10 US airports.

"We are excited to bring our service for the first time to the travellers at SLC, which is a major Delta hub like Atlanta, JFKT4, and Detroit where we also operate locations," Minute Suites Co-Founder and Director Daniel Solomon said.

"We look forward to working with Delta at SLC to best serve their passengers."

Minute Suites have a minimum stay of one-hour with additional 15-minute increments available for purchase. An overnight flat rate is also available. Many locations feature a shower service, which can be reserved separately in 30-minute increments.

In 2008, Minute Suites, LLC created a healthier way for people to travel. Minute Suites is the first company in North America to provide private suites inside security at airports where travellers can nap, relax, or work. The development of this unique passenger service has resulted in many industry awards, including Best Passenger Service Amenity. In 2023, Minute Suites was named by Transportation Review as a Top 10 Airport Management Services Provider.

Recently, Minute Suites opened a location at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.