New Spa Amenities at Four Seasons Macao

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Macao launches a new product line, 001 Skincare London, with Founder Ada Ooi. Integrating Chinese medicine with modern sciences, 001 Skincare London introduces Unique Transdermal WaterZyme Release as a skincare system to provide personalised treatment while ensuring effective results.

Unique Transdermal WaterZyme Release combines Bespoke Hydro-Complex and Bespoke Lipo-Complex to target natural aging and the effect of internal hormonal changes. Cell communication, strength, and balance are restored after the skin is infused with advanced and proven actives and antioxidants, which address concerns immediately. To sustain results, the pioneering products and treatments are designed to target inner imbalances as well as outer problems. Four skin-nurturing massage oils are made according to Traditional Chinese Medicine’s functional elements to promote complete wellness. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our bodies are interconnected by Three Treasures, which include Shen (mind and spirit), Qi (energy circuit), and Jing (core essence). By nourishing them, we can balance excess or deficiency to realign and enhance optimal health, as internal benefits are the causes of positive outer appearances.

Functional formulations and rituals are backed by both well-researched ancient and modern science. Products are made with Eastern herbs, patented actives and peptides infused with bio-mimetic botanicals and precious essential oils. With refined textures and tantalising aroma, they create biological brain-skin reactions, enhancing efficacy and delivering clinic results through indulgent experience. Vegan-friendly, ethical and sustainable with no silicones, parabens, or SLS, they are stored in minimal, recycled, and recyclable packaging.

Exclusive to The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Macao are two treatments perfect for the fall. Medic Brush-Cup and Gua Sha Tension Release deeply relaxes with dry brush, glide cupping and the microSculpt gua sha technique to lift and break up deeply knotted myofascial adhesions, relieving stagnated physical and mental tension long held within the body or around specific body parts. Stimulating the Meridians to nurture internal systems, it boosts blood circulation to oxygenate the musculoskeletal system, resetting mobility and flexibility of the muscle tone and alignment. 

Bespoke microSculpt Medic Gua Sha Facial is an active face sculpting treatment designed with a clever combination of gua sha, acupressure and lymphatic drainage to oxygenate and define every corner of the facial contour. The skin is infused with tailored formulations of patented actives and precious botanicals to address specific concerns. This treatment has been made famous within the A-list circle around the globe for its visible lifting and tightening effect for the most demanding royalty occasions and red carpet events.