The first images of the Ice Hotel 26 in Swedish Lapland have been released. The hotel, located in the small village of Jukkasjarvi, has 19 individually themed rooms for guests to stay in. There is also an onsite bar and church.

Images shared on Instagram have shown some of the art on show in the hotel, including a giant ice carved African elephant and peacock. Other creations include a Love Capsule and an icicle cave. The hotel is rebuilt each year using enough snow to construct around 700 million snowballs.

Around 5000 tonnes of natural ice are harvested from Sweden’s national river Torne, with the chandeliers alone made from 1000 hand cut ice Crystals. A Swedish sauna ritual, which includes an ice plunge and thermal starlit bath, a Northern lights wakeup call and an Arctic wilderness survival course are just some of the experiences offered at the hotel.