Hideaway Bins helped ASB Bank lead the way in being proactive in recycling, ensuring that the business had workable practices that could be easily followed.

With a large volume of employees located in their North Wharf, Auckland offices, it was important that the recycling stations, which are located over five floors, were large enough to cope with the hectic demand and that it was easy for employees to understand the importance of recycling to the business.

The installation of 50L Hideaway Bins side by side proved an innovative solution for separating waste and recycling at ASB. The bins once used to dispose of waste or recycling are slide away out of sight, keeping the room clear of clutter.

Hideaway Bins are New Zealand made and designed and are made from high quality materials to ensure the units will withstand the challenges posed in a commercial environment. For strength, the framework is made from zinc treated steel which is then powder-coated for durability. High quality German soft close runners are designed to hold upwards of 47kgs, and they over extend to ensure the buckets will come clear of the bench top easily.

Unique to Hideaway Bins is the friction fitted lid that creates a seal across the bucket/s when the unit is closed, assisting with odour control. This lid has a Clinikill™ anti-bacterial powder coat to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi keeping the bin solution hygienic, great for “high use” situations.

All buckets are made from a food-grade polypropylene and come complete with a liner holder designed to keep the bin liner in place. All buckets fit standard bin liners available from local supermarket chains. If space is limited, double bin solutions are also available with 15, 20 and 40 litre buckets to choose from. With many distinctive features to select from, there is a Hideaway Bin for every commercial requirement. Hideaway Bins are distributed throughout New Zealand.

For more information contact Hideaway Bins, (09) 426-7456 or www.hideawaybins.co.nz.