Corstorphine House, one of Dunedin’s grandest homes, with previous guests including James Bond, an Oscarwinning actress and a prince, is on sale for $3.88million. The eight bedroom historic home, built in 1863 for John Sidey, is a New Zealand Historic Places Trust category one building, and sits on a 3.03ha property.

It had previously operated as a private hotel, with A-list guests including actress Gwyneth Paltrow, musician Chris Martin, actor Daniel Craig and Prince Charles. In 2009 the former $800-a-night hotel was converted back into a private home by current owner Paul Facoory, who saw himself as a custodian of the property.

“I am happy to remain owning Corstorphine House… unless I get an offer I can’t refuse,” the Dunedin businessman said. Facoory said there were plans to host weddings and events, so “Dunedin people can come and experience what the property is like.” Adrian Chisholm, of Tourism Properties, said the immaculate state of the property was a credit to Facoory, whose changes included a heating upgrade and double glazing of the historic greenhouse.

The listing coincided with an increasing interest in Dunedin properties, particularly those that capitalised on the growing tourism sector, he said. Corstorphine House could once again be a private hotel, luxury lodge, function venue, or stay as a luxurious family home, Chisholm said.