A US tourist has warned of the perils of Airbnb after her husband had an affair with a Kiwi host.

The woman described her husband's affair with their Auckland host as a "twisted form of internet dating" which has ended their 30 year marriage.

In autumn last year the couple visited Auckland, choosing an Airbnb host for space and facilities it offered over a hotel.

"Our host was a middle-aged single woman who was unusually solicitous and intrusive during our stay,” she said.

"My husband, who had arrived a few days before I did and met the host first, told me on my arrival that the host had gratuitously told him many personal details about herself.

"He thought her a rather sad and needy woman at the time, or at least that's what he told me.”

She thought her story could serve as a cautionary tale for others using the service, which connects strangers in the intimate setting of the host's home.

"I believe that what happened to me through Airbnb is not uncommon."